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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What are your cattle fed?
A: Our cattle are fed a diet of grass silage and barley that is all grown on farm.

Q: What type of cattle do you raise?
A: We cross breed Simmental and Limousin with Black Angus to get larger rib eye area but keep desirable marbling. We do not raise any dairy or dairy cross cattle.

Q: Are your cattle free-range?
A: You can see our mother cows with their calves grazing on pastures from May to October around Lower South River. Once they are weaned, our steer calves live in groups in a well ventilated pack barn where they have room to play and lounge around on comfortable bedding.

Q: Is your beef organic?
A: Our beef is not certified organic. We believe that the organic certification is a marketing strategy that is both misleading to the consumer, and often not in the best interest of the animal's welfare. You can be sure that our animals are raised ethically and our agriculture practices are sustainable. 

Q: Does your beef contain antibiotics or hormones?
A: No. All beef sold in Canada must be certified free of any traces of antibiotics by meeting individual drug withdrawal times. We do not use growth hormones in our cattle.

Q: How is your beef packaged?
A: All of our cuts are vacuum sealed and frozen. Our ground beef comes in 1lb packages.

Q: Is your ground beef lean?
A: We consider our ground beef to be medium lean, however, we have been told by our customers that it is more lean than the lean ground beef at the grocery store.

Q: Do you have a store we can shop at?
Can we come visit your ranch?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a store front. Our cattle are at multiple different locations and we are extremely busy during calving and cropping season, so we ask that you please do not drop in, as we not usually at the freezer. We are happy to answer questions by email or phone but we currently aren't able to offer farm tours.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes! We include local delivery within 15km of the town of Antigonish. We can set up a location to meet in town if you live outside of our delivery area. We are currently looking into the price of shipping our beef using dry ice boxes.

Q: Do you ship your beef outside of Nova Scotia?
A: No. Unfortunately our butcher is only provincially certified so we only sell our beef within NS.

Q: Is your beef certified to sell at restaurants?
A: Yes. Our butchers are provincially licensed which means we are able to sell our beef to stores and restaurants in Nova Scotia.

Q: I would like to try your beef but don't want to order a large amount. 
A: No problem! Try our Beef Taster Box for $50 to get an idea what our beef is like. We can also let you know which stores and restaurants in NS sell our ground beef!

Q: How are your Quarter and Half steers sold? 
A: Our bulk orders are sold by the hot dressed weight, which means the butcher weighs the side when the animal is butchered. When the meat is cut, some of the fat may be trimmed off, which is how we get our lean ground beef vs. regular ground. So you may notice some shrink in the weight of the finished product that you take home.

Q: Can I get custom cuts? 
A: We offer custom cuts with the purchase of sides or whole steers. Since we do not cut our own beef, we cannot offer custom cuts for smaller orders.

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